Reconciling in Christ: ​LGBTQIA+ Work & Resources

Our Welcoming Statement

West Linn Lutheran Church is a community of faith that welcomes all regardless of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, national origin, age, disability, medical history, political affiliation, financial situation, mistakes made, successes achieved or any other category that you or the world have determined you belong. Our hope and prayer is that our congregation loves all as Jesus loves the world.
No exceptions.
This welcome extends throughout the life of our congregation.
Our congregation participated in the Reconciling in Christ process through 2014 in partnership with ReconcilingWorks Northwest. In 2015 the congregation overwhelmingly supported adoption of the Welcome Statement. WLLC was recognized as an RIC Congregation in 2015.

ReconcilingWorks NW Reconciling In Christ Service 2021

Welcome to the Reconciling in Christ Service 2021. Please enjoy this service and we look forward to being able to worship together in the future.

Some of the music for this service was taken from the Justice Choir Songbook and is used under Creative Commons. To learn more about Justice Choir, please visit

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