Creative Spirits Gallery

The goal of the WLLC Creative Spirits Gallery is to support emerging and established artists and give their works exposure. The gallery exhibits works by area professional artists with opportunities for amateur artists as well. The gallery team seeks to create collaborations among the artists and between the artists and the community.

The gallery has two main exhibition walls, each approximately 15 feet long and 8 feet tall. In addition to this space, two of our sanctuary’s walls serve as exhibiting walls, each approximately 8 feet tall and 40 feet long. There is also a niche gallery space called “Little Spirits” that can hold 2 large or up to 20 small pieces. Glass art  can be displayed in natural light and fabric art hanged on poles or with clips. Artists also have brought in their own cabinets for display of jewelry and other 3D pieces.


Artists Currently on Display in the Gallery

René Eisenbart

Growing up on a Kansas farm, René knew as a child that she would be an artist. Her paintings often feature ordinary creatures, like the many illustrations of birds and flowers she painted for The Oregonian newspaper in the 25 years she worked as staff artist. But instead of subjects, she portrays concepts or feelings which evolve in extraordinary ways out of her imagination. It is this journey — the experimental component of her work — that she finds most rewarding. Her technique of combining layers of acrylic marbling with watercolor patterning breathes life into her subjects. These paintings tell a tale, leaving enough ambiguity for you to invent the Narrative.

René has written about her process on her blog and in “The Art Of Paint Marbling”, published by Walter Foster. She is now exploring textural substrates for her watercolor work that encourage loose, colorful and playful imagery.

Sarah Bouwsma

I paint in watercolor and gouache, building up a scene by making small interlocking shapes. Every shape is unique, and relates to the surrounding shapes in playful patterns. By creating a continuously shifting flow of varied shapes and colors, I absorb and connect with nature. I interpret patterns to make sense out of complexity and create a personal connection to a place. I seek a sense of stillness within the chaos and motion of nature.

Raised in Berkeley, CA, I discovered a passion for painting while attending high school. A full-time painter in Portland, Oregon since 1993, watercolor is my primary medium. I have previously worked as a graphic designer, calligrapher, and illustrator. I have a bachelor’s degree in fine art from UW Madison, and three years of study at California College of Arts and Crafts.


Past Artists