Ways to Give

You have many options for giving to West Linn Lutheran.

  1. Give Online: WLLC uses VANCO for online donations. You can use your credit card or a checking account, and can also make one-time  or recurring donations. This option costs WLLC a small fee that you may elect to pay as part of your contribution. See below for more information.
  2. In Person: We gather offerings during our worship service on Sunday mornings.
  3. By Mail: As always, you may send in your check via U.S. Mail to WLLC, 20390 Willamette Drive, West Linn Oregon 97068.
  4. Using Bill Pay: Give from your own online checking account to generate and send a check through your bank’s “Bill Pay” option each month.
  5. Stocks/Mutual Funds: One Time Donation or On-Going Pledge giving.
    The gifting of stock to the church is a “win-win” situation both for you and the church.

Giving Online Using VANCO

VANCO is an online giving tool that connects churches with their communities. Using Vanco is easy for church members.

Use the link button below to make a donation online using your web browser:

You can also give online using the Vanco app on your smart phone.

Where does your money go?

Outreach and Support
West Linn Lutheran Church is known for its outreach and support of many mission projects both local and abroad. Many of WLLC’s members actively participate in the operations of these various agencies: House of Zion, Father’s Heart Street our Companion Congregation in Sacele, ELCA Disaster Relief, Janus Youth, Youth Homeless Outreach, World Hunger Offering and many more. A designated gift made at WLLC to any of these agencies will be passed along to the respective agency.

Activities and Programs
West Linn Lutheran Church (WLLC) has many activities and
programming that support the needs and passions of its members. Here are some of the popular programs and activities you support: Scholarships, Youth Group, Quilting Group, Labyrinth, Women’s Advent Breakfast, Men’s Ministry and Women’s Retreat.

Operating Expenses
Your monetary donation funds those who staff the many programs and ministries available at West Linn Lutheran Church, building operation and maintenance, Oregon Synod, ELCA and community benevolence, Christian education for all ages, worship publications and music and other fellowship and prayer activities.