The use of labyrinths in Christian prayer emerged during the Middle Ages.West Linn Lutheran has two labyrinths: an outdoor labyrinth on the church grounds and a portable labyrinth. 

Where we pray affects how we pray. Most of the time, we seek to pray in places of quiet and stillness. At other times, taking a walk or simply being outside helps us pray. Although we can embark on a walking meditation nearly anywhere, the predictable and concentrated route of a labyrinth frees us from the inevitable distractions that come with being out on a walk (like recalling directions or wondering when to turn back). If being outdoors makes you feel closer to God or if pilgrimage has been influential in your spiritual life, then praying with a labyrinth might be a helpful practice.

Portable Labyrinth Available

Our portable 15 x15 foot labyrinth is good for a small group or individual.
This labyrinth was created by the women of West Linn Lutheran Church.

Contact the West Linn Lutheran Church office for information or to arrange for rental.